M le Maudit - Khedira
Music Video
David Fitt is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker based in Paris, whose directorial work has been praised for its storytelling and electric vibes. As a photographer, he is dedicated to creating haunting and vibrant images that instantly grab your attention. Fitt's music video, "Khedira", plays on all these talents, transporting us into a dream (or nightmare) -realm where buildings and plinths are afloat, and the artist "M le Maudit" rides through desolate, dreary streets. Because the video was shot in at the pandemic's tipping point, the team brushed up against a slew of Covid-related challenges: "It’s wild to believe this video almost never came out. We shot it in early 2020, just weeks before the lockdowns. This triggered a series of issues, delays, defects, taking us a whole year and a half to finish it instead of a couple months." remembers David. "There were some desperate moments, where the project just seemed doomed—which would make sense, Maudit means doomed in French." But the team kept working on it, slowly, figuring out solutions, never giving up, until they were able to release a music video they are truly proud of. "Khedira" was nominated for long list of awards, including the Creative Film Awards of Los Angeles 2021 (Best Music Video), and the Berlin Commercial Videos 2021 (Shortlist Best VFX). To find out more about this project, or to collaborate with David, send him a direct message.
M Le Maudit Music Video Director
M Le Maudit Khedira Music Video Director