About Wrangle

Our invite-only platform powers creative collaborations by giving media professionals the tools to work & hire with confidence.

We're excited to be building a network you can trust, fueled by technology that allows you to build a great team, broaden your clientbase, and successfully manage your next creative endeavor. Whether you're looking to source talent or showcase yours, Wrangle is the best way to work and hire in media & entertainment.

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  • Members are admitted by referral only.
  • Hire & be hired from one account.
  • Manage multiple teams simultaneously.
  • Share schedule changes instantly.
  • View and adjust equipment rentals.
  • No pay-to-place accounts or ads, ever.
  • You set your own rate.
  • Get estimates & negotiate costs up front.
  • Store favorites for easy bookings.
  • Blast open positions out to our network.
  • Choose a quick or detailed project setup.
  • Give anonymous feedback on collabs.
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Calling All Creatives

Wrangle is a home for qualified freelancers in media, and for professionals who commission content of any kind. This could be a video, film, podcast, live event or any audio/visual project that needs a team, or even just one talented individual, to bring its vision to life.

We know creatives wear many hats, sometimes acting as a one-man-band, sometimes as a department head, sometimes as a day-player, so any approved Wrangle member has the ability to both hire and be hired from one account. No need to choose whether you are "client" or "vendor" in the traditional sense.

Our members run the gamut from producers, to illustrators, to PAs, to cinematographers, to newscasters, to composers, to publicists, to editors, to set designers, to mixers, to drone operators… so many more than we can name here. Bottom line: If you can be an asset to a creative collaboration and are passionate about what you do, we want you in our crew.

Projects you can staff on Wrangle

  • Commercial
  • Music Video
  • Short Film
  • Feature Film
  • Documentary
  • Branded
  • Digital
  • Television
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Event Photography/Videography
  • Live Events
  • Podcasts
  • Print
…and anything else you want help creating!

We proudly serve many departments

  • Key CreativesDirector, Producer, Screenwriter…
  • ProductionLine Producers, AD, PA…
  • MarketingPublicist, Developer, SEO…
  • CameraDP, AC, DIT…
  • SoundMixer, Boom, Utility…
  • GripKey, Best Boy, Dolly…
  • ElectricGaffer, Best Boy, Lighting Tech…
  • LocationsManager, Scout, Venues…
  • ArtProduction Designer, Set Designer, Illustrator…
  • Hair & MakeupMakeup, Hair, SFX…
  • WardrobeCostume Designer, Buyer, Fitter…
  • Post ProductionEditor, Colourist, Composer…
  • LocalizationTranslator, Captioner, VO Artist…
…and so many more :)
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Join us & help Wrangle work for YOU

Don't be shy! We always appreciate feedback, so feel free to drop us a line with suggestions, comments, or concerns. We want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly, so we can help Wrangle help you.

Join us on the ground floor and let's build the ultimate crew together!