What does Wrangle do?

Wrangle supports creative collaborations by providing networking and project management solutions for media professionals. Basically: We connect great people with creative projects and make the process seamless and stress-free. 🤙

What sets Wrangle apart?

Good question! We weren't happy with existing services or resources and decided our industry deserved better. Some key points of distinction:

  • Much more than a job board. Our platform enables you to directly accept or reject gigs, negotiate rates, rent kits, build schedules, group chat with teams, review past bookings, and much more. We help run your project from hire through wrap.

  • A members-only network. We ensure all members have professional experience in their field. All profiles are reviewed by our team before they are admitted.

  • No ads or pay-for-placements. Search results and applicant pools are sorted by relevance, not the dollar amount someone is willing to pay.

  • Exclusive job opportunities.** The majority of jobs posted on our site are exclusive to our members, meaning they are not plastered on every other hiring site, and applicants have a much higher chance of being contacted and hired.

  • A reliable feedback loop. We take great care in curating a safe, professional, creative community. Both client and freelancer give anonymous feedback after collaborating, so we can ensure successful matches and a positive working experience.

  • Meaningful connections. We arrange meetups, host courses, engage studios and creative agencies, spotlight member projects, and start conversations around the things that really matter, so you can expand your talent and client roster.

Are you an employer?

Wrangle does not act as your employer. We simply act as a conduit to connect talent with the companies or individuals that are offering creative opportunities.

How do you make money?

Wrangle does not take membership fees or collect a commission. Right now we are simply collecting feedback, growing our network, and building value for our members. Down the line, we will introduce additional services like insurance, payroll, courses, certifications etc. that members can purchase.

What if I am already represented by an agency and/or union?

We have no issue with talent agencies or unions! Wrangle is just one more avenue for you to get jobs. Agencies and unions can play an important part in clarifying contracts, negotiating fair compensation, ensuring proper working conditions etc. We may have a new approach and a different network, but we have the same goals: Get your hired, and help you have a successful experience on the job.

How do I get paid, or pay freelancers?

You get paid and pay however you normally would! Freelancers and clients can use any system for invoicing and payments that they would like.

Who can see my profile?

By default, profiles are only visible to those within Wrangle’s closed network and not viewable on the public internet. If you have indicated that you are not accepting offers, your profile will not be listed in searches, even within Wrangle. There may be opportunities to share your profile outside of Wrangle’s network in the future, which you will be able to opt into.

Are projects and jobs public?

No. Only job titles for open positions are shared publicly. Within Wrangle we share project information only to the extent that you allow it within hiring requests, or automatically with whomever you hire into your crew.

Can I reach out to other members directly?

We’re all about losing the middle man (or woman)! You can reach out to any member who is open to job offers and message them directly. If you have started a project or shared a job opportunity, you can also book or hold freelancers. If they accept, they will be listed in your hires.

My HR department has a specific way of onboarding new freelancers, do I have to check with them first?

You can reach out and onboard freelancers however you usually would. We are simply an additional resource for you to find talent, and a tool for you to schedule and manage your projects and bookings as needed.

How will I be notified of new opportunities or applicants?

Whenever anything relevant to you happens on Wrangle, you will get both an in-site and email notification. When you get a new message, a new job offer, a new applicant for a job, when bookings or schedules shift etc., you will be alerted right away.