Charli XCX: Alone Together
Mauricio is a Chile-based editor, specializing in advertising, trailers, and music videos. How did an editor in Chile come to edit the trailer for a Charli XCX documentary? Around a year ago Mauricio did a 3-month online trailer editing workshop with Jeremy Workman from Wheelhouse Creative, a boutique trailer house in NYC. They were so impressed with him that they invited him back to work for them remotely, and after several months, offered him this unique project, "Alone Together". Mauricio was thrilled to dive in, but it wasn't without its challenges: "The hardest part of this project was getting a lot of topics into one short trailer, while being engaging and exciting broadly, beyond Charli's fans," says Mauricio. "The film has a lot going on! The album, the quarantine, her fans, boyfriend, and mental health issues." Through creative soundbites and cinematic dailies, he found a way to weave everything together into a tight 2-minute trailer. In 2022 Mauricio is looking for more remote work opportunities in the trailer industry in Los Angeles. If you'd like to collaborate with him, or hear more about his experience working on "Alone Together," shoot him a message!
Freelance Trailer Editor Mauricio Bejota
Freelance Trailer Editor Mauricio Bejota Charli XCX ALone together